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If you’ve been investigating going solar then you’ve probably run into those websites that have solar system sizing tools and couldn’t be bothered. We skip the forms and you get the sizing help you need from a real human who can answer your questions!


This service builds upon the sizing assistance service. Once you know what size solar power system you need, then a system of that size can be designed. This phase of going solar entails choosing your solar panels and inverter, the two primary components of a grid-tie solar system.


Once we’ve determined the size of your system and the components and plan that will be used to build your system, we’ll need to give you a basic education about solar energy, how it works, which incentives are available for your city and state, and some basic tips on solar power system ownership.


Now that we’ve walked you through the process of going solar, there’s the matter of putting it all together and getting your new solar power system installed and connected to the grid, saving your money. We can arrange and execute the entire process including all the equipment and sending a crew to install your system.


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Online Solar is a solar energy design and consultation agency.
Going Solar Can Save You A Lot Of Money in 2017!

Online Solar, LLC, is a solar energy consultation firm based in Baltimore, Maryland. Online Solar offers free solar energy consultation services including solar system sizing assistance. We also offer to design your system at no cost to you. Once we have sized and designed your solar power system, we like to take a few moments and familiarize you with how solar energy systems work, how much they cost, which utility, state, and federal rebates and incentives are available. At this point you'll be ready to take action. The good news is, we can also execute all projects logistics including supplying the equipment, shipping it to your location, and having a professional solar installation crew install your new system.

  • Solar Sizing Assistance

    We help you size your system! No filling out online sizing forms, talk to our solar pros.

  • Solar Design Assistance

    You now know what size system you need, we can also help with system design.

  • Solar Energy 101

    Your system is sized and designed, Now we want to educate you about solar power.

  • Solar Project Logistics

    You now have a fully-realized plan. Now it's time to take action and make it happen!