Solar panels on old landfill "a no-brainer"

Across the state of Massachusettes dozens of towns are looking for ways to generate revenue in an economy that has left them strapped for cash. One solution they are looking at is to make use of the land space that is left behind when a landfill is closed. For the citizens of Canton, Massachusettes, their former landfill is the perfect place to install the future largest solar panel array in the region.

Solar Panel Array Under ContructionImage Left: A worker carries a solar panel for installation. Image Credit: Oregon Department of Transportation

By installing solar panels on the site, Canton can take advantage of a law which requires electric utilities to purchase a percentage of the power that is produced from renewable energy sources. According to town officials, Canton began accepting bids for the solar project in 2010 after deciding solar panels on their old landfill made sense and could earn the town $70 million from utility revenues and energy savings. Southern Sky Renewable Energy was awarded the project and will install 24,000 solar panels that are expected to generate up to 5.6 megawatts by 2010. When completed this will be the largest solar array in New England.

“From our perspective, it’s a no-brainer,” said Victor Del Vecchio, chairman of the Canton Board of Selectmen, speaking with Associated Press.

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