Residential Solar

With many homes across the country transitioning away from a fossil-fueled electricity grid, and toward a clean energy economy, residential solar is becoming a feasible, affordable, and smart option for homeowners. Additionally, solar energy has become a necessity due to emission-reduction targets that must be met in the near future. For these reasons, residential solar systems are taking off at a remarkable rate.

The Tax Credits for Residential Solar

The major tax credit associated with residential solar panels is the federal investment tax credit (ITC), which is also known as the solar tax credit. The ITC has been giving a tax credit equal to 30% of the total cost of the system, when purchased. According to the Solar ITC schedule, the federal investment tax credit would be reduced to 26% in the year 2020 and 22% in 2021. With 2021 being the last year to claim federal tax credit, millions of American households are choosing to invest their money in solar systems.

How to Plan A Home Solar Rooftop System?

There are a number of steps that should be followed when planning to power your home with a solar rooftop system. Once you choose which option is best for you, you should follow the steps below. A professional solar rooftop installer can provide you more information on the exact steps needed to power your home with solar energy.

  • Investigate your home’s energy efficiency
  • Assess your options to go solar
  • Estimate your energy needs
  • Check with different contractors, obtain bids and site assessments
  • Understand available financing and incentives
  • Choose a reputable company to install your solar system
Solar Rooftop

How Long Does A Residential Solar Installation Take?

After you have met the installers and done the preliminary site visit and permitting, the actual installation of your solar rooftop system will only take a day or two of work. The exact time depends on a few factors, such as the size of your home and the number of mounting planes. Although, the decision process for solar panels may take some time, the installation timeframe is very quick and quite simple.

Online Solar

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